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Opinion piece “March Offers a Timely Reminder That Gambling Can Be a Dangerous Game” by Joel Soper and read by Jeffrey Holz. (March 2023)

Joel and Phil reunite on the first-ever episode of the new Never Enough Zeroes podcast (February 2023).


Dr. Jacalyn Kerbeck interviews Joel on USA Global TV & Radio (January 2023).

Joel featured in the Bloomberg video “How Online Sports Betting Is Changing The Game.” He appears at the 1:50 and 12:45 timestamps (December 2022).

Tana Russell from the Evergreen Council of Problem Gambling hosts Joel for a wonderful discussion on the Connections podcast (October 2022).

The Gateway Foundation’s Wager Danger podcast welcomes Joel for an interview. Listen on Audible or Amazon (October 2022).

Joel discusses the perils of gambling addiction with Talk Recovery Radio hosts Darren Galer and Giuseppe Ganci, courtesy of (Oct 2022).

Joel joins host Frank Morano of “The Other Side of Midnight” on WABC Radio (October 2022).

Joel and Dan Field video interview with Sean Miller of Max Wagers Network (October 2022).

Joel interviewed by Spanky on the “Be Better Bettors” podcast (September 2022). Listen free on Spotify or Anchor.FM.

Joel interviewed by Adrienne Cossom on the “Fold ’em” podcast (September 2022). Listen free on Spotify or Audible.

Joel interviewed by Brian Hatch on the “All In” podcast (July 2022).


SBC Americas write-up by Jessica Welman on Joel’s journey toward gambling recovery (September 2022).

Gambling911 article about how sports betting got Joel into big trouble as a college freshman (September 2022).

Joel featured article in MI Bets (August 2022).

Joel featured story in The Sports Handle (August 2022).

Excerpt from the chapter titled “Never Enough Zeroes” on the Sports Law Expert website (June 2022).