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“Memoirs live or die based on the extent to which the author is willing to share the challenging and unglamorous parts of their life; keep too much back and whatever message you’re trying to share falls flat. With this in mind, author team Joel Soper and Philip Wyeth have succeeded beautifully with Soper leaving nothing out in this tale of succumbing to addiction and obsession that highlights the danger of gambling with emotional aplomb.

“The beautiful prose when discussing the rock bottom that Soper found himself hurtling toward left me feeling deeply affected, and the call to arms that the book puts forward for gambling regulation and support for addicts was an incredibly compelling case as a result of both the authors’ openness and their skill for emotional and effective writing.

“Overall, Never Enough Zeroes is a memoir with real and palpable power to move the reader as they follow the author’s journey from a quick flutter on a race to full-blown addiction – I challenge anyone to read this book from start to finish and not walk away feeling deeply moved.”
-K.C. Finn

“When I read Joel Soper’s Never Enough Zeroes, I am reminded of the fleeting thrill of a winner’s high and the devastating, crushing blow of the loss after loss after loss that follow. Soper gives us a memoir, not a self-help book, which is what I think the world needs in situations such as this.

“He shares his story to inspire through a wonderful conversational writing style that is relatable, authentic, and profoundly honest. The inspiration is there for readers who believe recovery and remission are impossible, and the inspiration may lead others to seek help to find success in a new way of living…

“Should you read this book even if you feel like you are at the end of your rope and are a hopeless case? Yes, really. Very highly recommended.”
-Jamie Michele

“Soper examines his life and candidly reveals what it is like to lose everything and remain chained to an insatiable addiction for decades. He also analyzes the changes in sports betting and shows how current trends are further enabling gambling addiction.

“Soper writes openly and is unafraid of exploring and exposing his deepest desires that perpetuate his addiction. The work is crucial as it contains eye-opening revelations about the motives, thoughts, and habits of gambling addicts. Its blistering coverage of the rot and greed within our society and the less apparent addictions that continue to afflict modern society will challenge us to review our perception of addiction.

“By showing the destructive impact that compulsive gambling has had on his life, Soper’s memoir is also a powerful outcry against the sweeping trend of sports betting legalization which is leaving a trail of more compulsive gamblers. The memoir will also serve as a deterrent, preventing some from becoming involved with gambling, and will resonate with anyone who has struggled with the addiction.

Never Enough Zeroes by Joel Soper and Philip Wyeth is a bold, open memoir with messages that society needs to hear.”
-Edith Wairimu

“Joel Soper lays bare his soul and holds nothing back while telling the tale of his addiction that almost ruined his life. Co-author Philip Wyeth has a firm grasp on the narrative, and it breezes past without a single hitch. The prose is crisp and, quite frankly, entertaining to read. Despite the serious subject matter, there were some genuinely funny moments.

“The most impressive aspect of the story was that through all the struggles and setbacks, Joel continued to persevere… An informative and enlightening read that I highly recommend.”
-Pikasho Deka

“Addiction controls the addict’s life. It is nothing more than a thief and murderer. First, addiction steals all you have—your friends, money, houses, and mind—then it kills whatever relationships might be left. You feel like an outside force has taken over your mind, body, and soul. Finally, you are at the mercy of the addiction. It does not matter if the addiction is gambling, sex, drugs, or even shoes; it has come to control and destroy.

“Joel finally had enough. He had to admit the addiction was bigger than he was. He also had to find the courage to realize that he needed help. Read this book as a warning that even though you think it won’t happen to you, gambling and other addictions will turn you into their puppet.

“It takes guts and determination to make the bet that one can overcome the addiction and help others. In Never Enough Zeroes, Joel shares the depths of despair that led him to find support and change. Joel wants to be an inspiration for addicts to believe in themselves and find their way out of the deadly maze of addiction.”
-Philip Van Heusen